Future historians find your online journal. No other clues to your life survive. If you were, say, reconstructed from the information transcribed here- who would that person be? What would a genealogy of journals reveal?
Teleportation has been invented and perfected. One can step through a portal and emerge at worldwide destinations. There are no accidents and many acquaintances travel daily without incident.

Would you use it?

Of course there might be a catch, depending on who you ask.

It works by taking the body apart and storing the structure as a detailed blueprint. The blueprint then transfers as information to the exit point, where the body is recreated exactly as it was. Every erg accounted for. The traveler steps out with no feeling of transition, to them it is seamless. The resulting matter at the entry point is, of course, used for the next incoming traveller.

Consider. The traveller dies daily on the morning commute, evaporated and stored as instructions. An exact replica is created at the destination, with all the memories and identical sense of selfness(es). The one who exits feels as if they are a continuation, but they are not. They are newborn whole, and die in turn on the way home.

Consider. You sit on a chair in the middle of a room, whatever kind of room you wish. You know that there is an identical room, somewhere, and you sit on a chair in the middle of that room also. You think the same thoughts at the same time, do the same things in the same place. There are two of you, but only one experience.

Would you notice, if there were two of you and one disappeared?
How does drug addiction influence musical popularity?
Are the relationships between the various parts of the mind significantly different than the relationships between different systems?


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