Brilliant title.

"Acquiring the concept of "flow of control" is what makes the difference between a programmer and a non-programmer and if you think it's trivial and obvious then this is simply because you made the transition some time ago.

If you want a demonstration that it is far from obvious just try to teach programming to someone who hasn't encountered the idea before in any other shape or form. You can't help but pity their undeveloped sense of what follows what and how they ever manage to follow or give any coherent instructions is a mystery. But they do, nearly always, make the transition and acquire the core concept of programming."

The Goto, Spaghetti and the Velociraptor
From Algorithm Design: Preface

"To mention a few representative examples here, we include fairly detailed discussions of applications from systems and networks (caching, switching, interdomain routing on the Internet), artificial intelligence (planning, game playing, Hopfield networks), computer vision (image segmentation), data mining (change-point detection, clustering), operations research (airline scheduling), and computational biology (sequence alignment, RNA secondary structure)."

Sounds like fun! I think they should start teaching this stuff earlier, elementary school. How can you learn to program without algorithms? You don't. It's all syntax and basic operations, like learning a language by memorization: disconnected from meaning. Yes, you need to learn syntax! Obviously. Algorithm design needs to be taught in equal measure. Otherwise we're just pushing the button because it makes the shiny lights blink.


Nov. 3rd, 2011 12:00 am
"The value of the char is the content of the collection; and, the value is immutable."

String Class


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