"Ah, in any case, this may sound too cynical. I have tried to, well, of course it sounds too cynical, but it’s sort of hard to feel bad about that, about ending up in a kind of cynical spot. Because, ah, the handlers and the various, ah… the handlers of the systems of mass culture could not possibly be more cynical than they are; both about public taste, about their own complicity with power. I’d love to see a news report that says “Oh by the way, we are speaking for the people who run your life, don’t worry about it”… “This news report is not true”… Then we all go “Oh it’s time to watch the not true news report…” So, I mean, don’t kill the messenger, you get it? I didn’t build that system; I am just trying to describe it to you. The description of it sounds cynical, but on the other side of it there is a possible kind of freedom… on the other side of that… I don’t know how to describe it, or how to even evoke it.

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Apr. 17th, 2011 01:50 am
What principle(set of principles?) drives our world? Wealth. Was it always so? Were humans always herded by desire for advancement? The great religions of the world ritualize, fetishize desire. A man of any god will insist that his goals, and his demons, are more noble for not being of the material world. The answer is irrelevant because it is the whip that stings and not its intent.


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