"Ah, in any case, this may sound too cynical. I have tried to, well, of course it sounds too cynical, but it’s sort of hard to feel bad about that, about ending up in a kind of cynical spot. Because, ah, the handlers and the various, ah… the handlers of the systems of mass culture could not possibly be more cynical than they are; both about public taste, about their own complicity with power. I’d love to see a news report that says “Oh by the way, we are speaking for the people who run your life, don’t worry about it”… “This news report is not true”… Then we all go “Oh it’s time to watch the not true news report…” So, I mean, don’t kill the messenger, you get it? I didn’t build that system; I am just trying to describe it to you. The description of it sounds cynical, but on the other side of it there is a possible kind of freedom… on the other side of that… I don’t know how to describe it, or how to even evoke it.

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Gods Wake

Nov. 1st, 2011 09:21 pm
What would the world be like if religions were right? Not one, but all of them. Say tomorrow that God begins to take a direct and obvious hand in the world. I know that many believers would say that this is already evident! And it is evident. To them.

Irrationally. I envision something different, for instance: God appears to his followers, literally. It happens occasionally on the street. Crowded sidewalk, hundreds of suits crawling by. An explosion of light and the crowd parts around a young man staring upward in startlement. The luminescent haloed figure shares wisdom briefly and disappears. The crowd shrugs, or celebrates, or howls with fear.

At first the phenomenon was greeted with enormous excitement.

(insert anecdotes: experience of living through that time of a few people from different belief systems(belief systems? Rather cumbersome. Paradigm? No, stupid word now. Something...) Christian obviously, Assorted denominations. Buddhism, more difficult but doable - especially with the esoteric stuff? Discordianism.)


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