In situ the vapor can spurt monitor light light light volume recline me like a snakeskin shedding vastness corridor wormhole facetious she said drink frustrate quagmire dream thistle fast car rancour blanket ceaseless resistance breakface whelm the xylophone eat balance carve faces in ghost flesh monochrome sparse tear vanquished violence faction taste blue nonentities grasping hardon collider succulence gash kiloton insensate wormwood feasts on integrity on your tourniquet wrist failures ridiculing mirrors radical maladjusted entire giving fingers to innocence to faith to shadow gods and lucky stars and wandering knuckleboned hairdressers with bowstring kneecapped bonnet faced hornet feet tongues like winter honey voices your name drawn surreal in vinegar tiger tailgate tones tying knots filling slots denying costs coveting loss while eating moss in a vacant lot filled with jumbled mumbling stumbling warblers dinners here the winners tear and fear failure fire entire mobs of napalm rainbow shame on the low down town clown discussing your remains over shark red water spin dry to feed fodder lobster claws and hidden middens drink from finger pails chew finger nails reap meager wages for eager pages die slow deaths for toast clefts palace prince meat steamy fence post street swap the blood clots religion pigeons hide fidgeting children from mock stocking cots and my eyes narrow at farrow fields all dead fawned and lack furrowed all grim signed and hack burrowed tunnel rats swing hatchet songs fling wretched wrongs dance dance dance they scream and burn and we laugh and laugh because we don't know the difference because we forgot our umbrellas because we cannot bear the open air or the world's ten thousand tiny wet eyes


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