Be still and count your breaths.

Some complain of losing count. Tell them to start with one. Only when you can reliably count to one should two be attempted.

Nothing special is achieved by counting higher or more accurately, anyway, one is enough. Not that there's anything wrong with ten.

The World glistens in mirror black. Traffic lightshow. Commute as performance art. I swear I've seen this in a movie I swear to no it's real real grime under tire real severed heads real haunted house real androgynous giants ten foot at shoulder pink skinned and leering tongues curled round profanities too pleasant for their poison.

What light! What subtle color is robbed of us? What rare apprehension eclipsed! Tripping on the ghosts of future selves. Leaving no dusty footsteps. Eating the past.

But still. Still. In order to consider properly. Cultivate consideration. Measure. Deliberate. Decide.

Remember the difference between trivial and nontrivial. Remember the danger of assuming that you or anyone else is a rational actor.
Remember that instrumental reason... That instrumental reason is in a prehistoric state. That you you eukaryotic colony, residue, substrate, ancestor!

At our best, most noble sublimity. We are cave painters.

pre-ice-cream shoegaze

Date: 2015-05-04 11:11 pm (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
i'll be in maine from july 1st-15th. it's the best i could do. if i've missed your wedding, then please celebrate it. but my main reason for coming is for past and not for future.
you know my email and you know where i'll be.

let's talk.


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