Communing with the natures. Up, up, and up. Green canopied. Sun shadows. The day was perfect at seventy° and dry. There were three snakes, all of a species, something pretty I don't know the name of. Were they poisonous? Probably not, they're rare round these parts. The first two wanted nothing to do with humans, but number three posed trailside and watched me. Tasted me in the air. Motionless, no not exactly... Intensely still. Purposeful.

Later, sitting on a rock watching mountains. Wondering why faraway things look blue while S. set up shots. Gleam off metal camera casing. Perfect little clicks. If you leave a shutter open too long everything goes white, you know, and this is called exposure.

Peeing in the woods. Scrambling down small cliffs to hide from trail view. Perching over a steep incline and leaning on sun warmed granite. A hornet lands a half foot from, you know, the source, and my fear of splashing myself with urine overcomes my fear of hornets. I remain still. Calm.

Summitting past rusted skeleton tower. Boarded up gray. A ladder begging to maim. Standing before cairn and sign proclaiming elevation. Cliffside, hanging my legs over air. It should be strange to be above trees. I smoke, enjoy it, watch a big blue dragonfly hunt.

Something higher, next time. Feel the need to get well above the tree line. The largest around here is one mile high and there are patches of snow in shadowed ravines through the summer. Not sure if the body could handle it, but I did well with this shorter excursion. Pushed myself. And I'm not sore yet...

Date: 2014-09-08 10:25 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] keplers_angels
Many years ago I transcribed a passage from the book on which A River Runs Through It was based (I think that is right) It was about the glorious experience of "pissing in the woods."


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