Jul. 20th, 2014

"Around the world, the generation coming of age in the 2010s is most affected by the legacy of the financial crisis and slow economic growth. In many countries, dramatically high unemployment is frustrating young people’s efforts to earn, generate savings, gain professional experience and build careers. Traditional higher education is ever more expensive and its payoff more doubtful. These issues need to be addressed inclusively on local, national and global levels to minimize the risks of a breakdown in social cohesion and enduring loss of human and economic potential."

Global Risks 2014
Part 2: Risks in Focus:
2.3: Generation Lost?

Let's take this apart just a bit.

Listing consequences of ongoing world financial difficulties especially re: today's youth, chapter titled "Generation Lost?" (Catchy, neh?) The wee pissants can't tie their shoes much less keep a tidy house! Consider, though, historical records displaying the elders of letters disparaging that day's batch of apple cheeked miscreants. Eyebrow raised, and it's not that the idea isn't worth considering, it might be, but please not without at least acknowledging how silly it sounds in proper context.

Low hanging fruit: "traditional education" meaning, I assume, western education systems. Which, while certainly effective in many ways- don't roll your eyes! Think in a broad sense over recent history, a few generations and immense change has been worked(wreaked?) worldwide by getting millions of people to do things they don't want to do in exchange for things they've learned to want- Effective, then, but traditional? A case can be made for some parts of the world, more if time criteria to qualify is shortened and less if played stricter, and... "Around the World" could mean we fly literally around the world and mark the few tiny spots where such traditions are traditional, but surely this around the world stuff isn't meant to mean inclusive, widespread, or historically persistent...

Also. "loss of human and economic potential." Ooh sinister! Here's lovely intro for report... I reccommend, despite my complaints, at least flipping through it to be reminded what a bizarre, terrible, surreal world this is and yet, and yet! Presented with such casual banality, the sort of nightmare that is only a nightmare from outside, that while experienced remains perfectly normal. Only hideous in hindsight.


And more Sunday fun! Links to PDF.

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