May. 22nd, 2014

I'd like to wander through some of the strange places you've made. I'd like to see what subtle manipulations you've sculpted with that brittle scythe of yours because remember the time? That, that when in which, we. We negotiated frantic truces. We disarmed to the extent that we disrobed. Disregarded. The World, and the Small Things, and even the pushy details.. Those specific executioners, those discrete panics( the uncompromising interruptions of fact: questions, compelling questions )What am I?

What am I to shape The World? Is because I can enough? Is because I have no choice even worded properly? Why does it matter, if it does... And why doesn't it, if it doesn't? Oh spare me the subtleties! Spare me the knives and show me the impending crater, the extinction event played backward and forward and backward and forward and eyes literally, no no I mean figuratively! bleeding in synch with dissonant narration.( it's a lion's voice telling you to bow, a dodo lamenting its demise, a fubu inviting you to taste, a god inflicting you with both divine certainty and doubt- what a twisted scheme! What convoluted creatures develop on their long journey down abyssal gullets. )

The Man, y'know, once protested that I care too much( compelling question )about simulations, about the nooks and crannies of unclean suns. About relevance, instead of tactics. About meaning instead of, for Ah Pook's sweet sake, instead of well. Practice. And I told him

Make perfect amends to imaginary mistakes. Make your friends proud of you, or at least pity you, no I don't mean that. Really. But, if they don't pity at least don't be a bother, don't impose. What I mean is make perfect amends to imaginary mistakes and give yourself to friends. Make yourself laugh at something at least once a day. Be excellent at something at least 3.5 times a day. Anything. Yes, even that.

It's The World that raises compelling questions. And us, trying to answer. Cowered beneath/inside. Answering, and answering, and answering questions not our own.


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