May. 4th, 2014

Is The World reducible to some atomic actor? Are there discrete units of measurement, units of potentiality, units numerated by the... a... theory of instrumental reason¹? Are these the fundamentals of manipulation? Current fashion among technocrats to wear determinism like a lei at a wake- either consciously: ironic and shameful-superior, or ignorantly: helpless observers of their innate catastrophe. Do not assume that more complexity will solve anything! Technocrat friends of mine say
"If we only had more data, higher capability, we could figure it out."
And it, of course, of course, means sweet fuck all when examined under such extreme scrutiny- the means developed in the process of trying to answer a difficult question, the means writ singular and ubiquitous across billboard landscapes of culture. (Culture. Culture. You know, you know this word is suspect- that there is a subversion, a doubling and redoubling and it is these words- phrases, turns of- that deserve to be deconstructed at least once a week)
The means supersedes the end. The means supersedes the end and this is important, you know. There is a point where- when-
when efficacy becomes more real than effect
More important or, o-or valid, central to intention, even to the discourse of intention and
Where we vanish- but like a blindspot that's always not been there.
There is more to it than that. Rational contracts, inspired codes, rebellions of the self, and revelation, oh revelation!

I said to the holy one,
"I'd rather jump in a fire than believe."
"Well," the holy one shrugged,
"Either way..."

*It is not because I suck my fingers before typing
¹"We build up an intellect hard enough, as it were, to see through these mystifications. But any intellect that powerful has a tendency to become totalitarian. This is the fundamental problem..."
Rick Roderick, "The Self Under Seige Lecture 4"


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