Apr. 13th, 2014

these words that burn lips. we breathe fire. we breathe fire. turn round three times and break every mirror. who dares reflect. who dares reflect. i caught a sparrow with your mouth. we coughed up feathers for days. we taught our eyelashes the secrets of flight. i caught a sparrow with your mouth and nursed it, nestled on my chest, beady black eyed and warm. feathers singed. vapor trail. cloud seeds. i caught a sparrow with your mouth and now it glows orange at night. my sternum burns. "I should be afraid," i think. but i am not.

everything will end, and everything will end, and everything will end. this is a secret we hide on display. on windowsill. at carnivals and weddings and orgies. we even hide it at funerals(the best place, the plainest sight). condemned to be free. lilies on mantle. sandalwood and patchouli. here is a cliff where the last tree grows. here is a mother, sun gleam from silver blade inscribed with every holy word. she cuts a finger width branch. she places it in the child's hand. she wraps both her hands round both the smaller hands and bends down to whisper, "Everything will end, and everything will end, and everything will end." she steps into the air. the child's hand is covered in sap and the air smells like burnt feathers and tree blood and promises kept.

i carved certain truths inside my skin. to keep them hidden. to remember. feel them there like sleeping gorgons. like sharp toothed nymphs. like starlight, dream aneurysm, toe curling braille fleshed and quivering for touch. these words burn my lips. burn my lips. this is why i need a mirror. (this is why i smash my mirrors). convex, for revelation. concave, for hermitage. nine dimensional pinwheel. unfold me. just this one forever. just this one forever. all I ask. unfold me. we breathe fire. we breathe fire. red handed and pure. antlered, chalked, painting our shadows. just this one forever.


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