Mar. 6th, 2014

Today on breaks I fantasized about disaster preparedness. How we should have prearranged meeting spots in case of kaiju or skynet or strangelets, but, I realize that we could be corralled to camps, under martial law &c. Movement restricted. We would need some general rule, then, like 'move to the southeasternmost part of your... Facility.' We have no sense of direction, really, at night. Even during the day I might glance at the sun and know it sets in the west and estimate various directions but still seek expert confirmation s-since all stimuli is really suspect, at this point, isn't it-
The guards might become suspicious.

Multiple people approach you and ask which direction is southeast and you watch as they congregate together. You inform your superiors and they move to interview the conspirators. In The World superior always means suspicious.
Revising my fantasy on the walk home I decided to instead learn the compass, then map it to the sky and learn to use it less. Impress at parties. Draw disciples and assemble superteam of, of, people with perfect senses of direction. Call them the Cardinals go with a red theme, pictures of funny hats on business cards, gold decals. Sort of flash gordon but hipster fisherman too, you know Chilean sea bass, right, right? But sprinkled with PBR and sriracha and existential terror.


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