Jan. 22nd, 2014

Fire brained in mason jar and all seams on the outside and all mirrors inside signal ricochet bullet trails regress(regress(regress(regress))) to mist to lungs to blood brain barrier to projector hands, flashlight mouth, death ray stare(schwarzschild eyes: I'm pinned and imploded, worn like a six dimensional parka before the World's torrential hunger) all coy and deviant, all lust and mortar all your thousand fingers like a wetsuit: now writhing, now plucking at lips, now massaging gums, tongue, cheek insides, now wrinkling and white from moisture-

I excel at the slog. The others glance at me sidelong as I glance at them sidelong and they spurn notice as I spurn notice: Aren't we great friends, us strangers, us partners of anonymity. Married to the vastness in between things and so to each other: absently, in ignorance-

Wake up in disbelief. Always in disbelief. This can't be, I think to myself. The curtains and this body, this body... Certainly, there's been a mistake, I say to the mirror. Certainly, we can come to some arrangement, I mumble at my nutritional supplements. But, here I am, doing things, undeniable- as time passes, probabilities grow, and I suppose one must rely on memory to decide these facts, these little pins holding together the cork-board soul-


And I'm holding, this, tightly. Not, too... but just. And I'm unable to word, or find my descriptions inadequate- or maybe I am just that greedy, and I cradle you like a secret from the World.


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